Official Copy (Register) - WYK926230[1].pdf20/12/20180.09 MB
Official Copy (Title Plan) - WYK926230[1].pdf20/12/20180.3 MB



Application Form.pdf20/12/20181.56 MB


Planning Conditions Checklist.pdf20/12/20180.07 MB
Section 106 Checklist.pdf20/12/20180.06 MB


Decision Notice.pdf20/12/20180.1 MB
Section 106 Agreement.pdf20/12/201823.83 MB


Existing Site Plan 3159 PL Z2002.pdf20/12/20186.53 MB
Highways Works 3908 20.pdf20/12/20180.46 MB
Location Plan 1 2500.pdf20/12/20180.61 MB
Location Plan 3159 PL Z2001.pdf20/12/20180.5 MB
Pedestrian Circulation Diagram 3159 PL Z2011 B.pdf20/12/20181.25 MB
Phasing Diagram 3159 PL Z2012 E.pdf20/12/20181.34 MB
River Access 3159 PL Z2014.pdf20/12/20181.89 MB
Site Layout Plan at Level 71.00 3159 PL Z2004 B.pdf20/12/20180.97 MB
Site Layout Plan at Level 74.00 3159 PL Z2005 B.pdf20/12/20181.17 MB
Site Layout Plan at Level 77.00 3159 PL Z2006 B.pdf20/12/20181.18 MB
Site Layout Plan at Level 80.00 3159 PL Z2007 B.pdf20/12/20181.16 MB
Site Layout Plan at Level 83.00 3159 PL Z2008 B.pdf20/12/20182.03 MB
Site Layout Plan at Level 86.00 3159 PL Z2009 B.pdf20/12/20181.22 MB
Site Layout Plan at Roof Level 3159 PL Z2010 B.pdf20/12/20184.93 MB
Site Location Plan as Proposed 3159 PL Z2003 D.pdf20/12/20181.2 MB

Supporting Information

Accommodation Schedule 10 September 2008.pdf20/12/20180.49 MB
Addendum to Transport Assessment 3908 JM 06 03.pdf20/12/201824.82 MB
Air Quality Assessment Arup 119046 02.pdf20/12/20180.22 MB
Baseline Drainage Report Arup 119046.pdf20/12/20185.43 MB
Design & Access Statement 01 03 08.pdf20/12/20186.47 MB
Ecological Supporting Report Arup 119046 0 15 08.pdf20/12/201820.89 MB
Environmental Noise Assessment Arup AAc 119046 80 R01.pdf20/12/20180.91 MB
Geo-Evironmental Desk Study Arup 119046.pdf20/12/201832.25 MB
Interim Travel Plan 3908 EA SAM JGM 07 04.pdf20/12/20183.92 MB
Interim Travel Plan 3908 EA SAM JGM 08 04.pdf20/12/20182.89 MB
Kirklees College Scale & Massing Broadway Maylan.pdf20/12/20184.48 MB
Landscape Strategy Camlin Lonsdale 430 03.pdf20/12/20185.07 MB
Level 2 Flood Risk Assessment Arup 119046.pdf20/12/20187.1 MB
PPG15 Statement Roger Wools & Associates.pdf20/12/20180.21 MB
Planning Statement Knight Frank.pdf20/12/20186.23 MB
Preliminary Ecological Appraisal Arup 119046.pdf20/12/20180.19 MB
Sustainability Report Arup 119046.pdf20/12/20180.54 MB
Transport Assessment 3908 EA SAM 04 001.pdf20/12/201817.53 MB
Travel Plan Framework 3908 EA SAM 05 01.pdf20/12/20181.94 MB

Other Technical

General Engineering

Composite layout showing existing buildings and proposed works 10786-02 002C2.pdf20/12/20183.86 MB
Demolition works to existing buildings 10786-02 001C2.pdf20/12/20182.57 MB
Existing river bank strengthening works - riverside wall replacement 10786-00 003C7.pdf20/12/20181.48 MB
New canal works - proposed bridge formation general arrangement and details 10786-03 012C7.pdf20/12/20182.23 MB
Proposed canal site general arrangement 10786-03 006C7.pdf20/12/20182.27 MB
Proposed drainage general arrangement with projected peak discharge rates 10786-00 007B.pdf20/12/20182.46 MB
Remediation Strategy.pdf20/12/20183.58 MB
Rising main general arrangement 10786-03 017C8.pdf20/12/20181.76 MB
Services Strategy Whole Site 10786-00_100.pdf20/12/20181.51 MB
Site Investigation Report.pdf20/12/201813.91 MB
Topographical Survey 3222_001.pdf20/12/20183.04 MB
Topographical Survey 3222_002.pdf20/12/20183.84 MB


Ground finish requirements - planting plan LACN-013 Rev A.pdf20/12/20184.24 MB
Kirklees College external works WML 3698 E-01.pdf20/12/20181.63 MB
Scheme requirements overview LACN-001 Rev A.pdf20/12/20183.42 MB

Highway Works

Phase 1 - Manchester Road-Outcote Bank junction HD-1201-CON-1B.pdf20/12/20182.14 MB
Phase 2 - Queensgate junction HD-1201-CON-1D.pdf20/12/20182.04 MB
Phase 3 - A616 Chapel Hill-Milford Street-Colne Road junction HD-1201-CON-1A.pdf20/12/20181.18 MB
Phase 4 - A616 Colne Road-St. Thomas Road junction HD-1201-CON-1A.pdf20/12/20181.1 MB