The 10th largest, and according to Rightmove, the 2nd happiest town in the UK, Huddersfield is the perfect place to live, as well as being a thriving centre for business, leisure, education and culture.

A University town, Huddersfield is home to a multi-skilled graduate workforce, and where state-of the-art advanced manufacturing is complemented by professional services, the creative sector and service organisations. Future workforce opportunities are well-provided for, with a number of reputable educational institutions calling Huddersfield home, including Greenhead College – recently named best Sixth Form college in the country by the Sunday Times.

Boasting a rich social scene with a wealth of food, drink, film, theatre, sport and cultural venues, and with some of the nation’s most beautiful scenery on the doorstep, Huddersfield offers an enviable work/life balance. Its nineteenth century wealth left an impressive architectural legacy of over 1660 listed buildings, including what is surely the finest train station and public square in the north.

And the town’s unparalleled reputation for world-class textiles remains strong to this day, with Huddersfield cloth gracing the frames of American presidents, royalty, and even James Bond himself.

But this is by no means your typical northern town. Entrepreneurial spirit thrives here, and the town’s people and businesses lay claim to some startling innovations. Huddersfield companies supply glass for the London Eye’s capsules, weave carpets for Buckingham Palace, have created the world’s first DNA impregnated cloth, and built the world’s largest nodding dog!

If you’re looking to succeed, Huddersfield is the place to make it.

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A Place to Make It